Love is personal…. 
Why not share your story 
In a customized love song 
That you will cherish for a lifetime!!!!! 

A song 4 U will take your personal story and turn it into a beautiful memorable music melody that you can enjoy for many years to come! The song will be your personal story… 

What you will get: 

1. 1-MP3 of the completed song with vocals included. 
2. 1-MP3 performance version which will not include vocals which can be used for live performances. 

Here’s how it works: 

1. Choose from the 3 musical choices listed. This selection will be used as the chorus for your song so make sure you pick the once that rings true to how you feel. 
2. Submit your written story in the box below 
3. Allow 1 to 2 business days to confirm receipt of your information. 
4. You song will be delivered in 7 to 10 business days. 

Take a moment and listen to the samples below….. 
The cost is $299 per song. Order your song here. 

Option 1: 
For the Rest Of My Life

Lyrics: I love you, you know it’s true, Baby forever me and you, For the rest of my life… 

Option 2: 
I Love You 

Lyrics: From this moment on, We will never walk alone, Hand in hand we’ll sing our song, Of this special day 
Your love has stolen my heart, From this day we’ll never part, And I pledge to you my heart, Forever, I love you…… 

Option 3: 
My Heart Belong To You

Lyrics: Today our life starts together, Today we unite as one, Today we pledge love forever, And there’s nothing else I’d rather do, Cause darling my heart belongs to you….. 

Success stories ‐ Testimonials 

Fly Straight To My Heart 

Wedding Song 

Testimonial: “Regina you are so wonderful!! Thank you so much for creating the wonderful song. People would not stop talking about it!!! Thank you again for making our day so unique and special!!!! Heather & Ted Calvert 

Twenty Years 

20th year wedding anniversary 

Testimonial: “ My wife and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary in April of 2007. It being a milestone in our lives we decided to renew our vows and party with our closest friends. However, the day could not be complete without a song. We both love Luther and Stevie and if you asked either of us what our song was, we would probably say "Ribbon in the Sky". It's a beautiful song but it just doesn't capture all of who we are. Luckily, we knew a very talented musician and songstress that we called upon to make "our" song. We were excited and yet a little apprehensive at the same time. A song just for us, maybe that was asking too much. My plan was to sing the song to my wife during the ceremony. However, when I heard the song and Regina's sweet voice, I could not believe how she nailed it. It is a gem. This song captured everything about us, from our college courtship, engagement, the birth of our children and our never ending love for each other. Regina has a talent for taking your words and telling a story through song. The song is unbelievable and I still play it often. It's in my "love song" list on the ipod, on the laptop, and on CD. "20 Years", which is the name of the song, made our ceremony very special and a unique event. I will forever cherish the memories that Regina helped us create.�? Vincent Oates